Sep 232014
Mental Space, Homesteading, and Boundaries

My goal to build a city homestead for my daughter and I requires a lot of hard work. Whether it’s problem solving, figuring out how to build a system, or carrying out the physical work of homesteading (which, by the…

Sep 202014
Homeschool Playgroup Adventure

Homeschool Adventure
This week, Litttle Lotus and I attended an Autumn Equinox Celebration with a homeschool group that we’re members of.
I love being a member of a homeschool group because:
1) It gives my daughter a chance to play…

Aug 102014
The Next Frontier: Engineering In The Golden Age Of Green

I’ve just watched an inspiring documentary called The Next Frontier: Engineering The Golden Age Of Green.
The film focuses cities and communities using green technologies to build a sustainable future both environmentally and economically.
The Next Frontier: The Golden Age…

Jul 192014
Posing With 2x4s Before Building A Compost Shed

I’ve just come from Lowe’s where I purchased five 2x4s. Today I’m framing our compost shed.
I’ve never framed a structure before, so I’m buying a few materials at a time and taking it slowly.
I like working with 2x4s…

Jul 022014
When Is An Orange Not An Orange?

I’ve been looking for ways to affordably stock our food pantry. Instead of grains, beans, pastas…standard pantry items, I fill ours with produce that has a long shelf life like apples, oranges, and various potatoes. I figured that buying conventional…

Jun 272014
An Unexpected Benefit of Living Off the Grid

This is the charge controller to my 100 watt Renogy solar kit. You can’t tell from the picture, but the second green light is blinking. This indicates that the 50 watt, 12 volt, deep cycle battery I have connected to…