Apr 112008
Wow! What a free-spirited day. Tomorrow is Little Lotus’ third Birthday so we began celebrating today. She’s enjoying a conventional birthday cake, & I’ve vowed by next year to perfect a yummy irresistible raw cake for her. Today we’ve enjoyed

Apr 102008
We’re receiving amazing feedback from readers of Divine Revolution Magazine and connecting with really high and inspiring artists. Feels so good to create something like this with so many gorgeous people.
Yesterday was so fun. Little Lotus and I went

Apr 092008
Another gorgeous sunny day. We’re on our way to the park and the grocery store. After 4 days of feasting on raw foodI feel amazing. I see a huge difference in the mirror, and I’m very present emotionally. I usually

Apr 082008
Today has been another amazing day. Little Lotus experienced detox symptoms, fatigue after three days of raw food. She requested pasta so she is eating organic pasta as well as fruits and veggies. I am still %100 raw. Yesterday I

Apr 072008
Little Lotus and I have experienced amazing leaps recently. Over the weekend we went 100% raw vegan, and predominantly organic. Yesterday we prepared raw pizza with an almond crust. Little Lotus ate 3 peices. The night before we enjoyed nutloaf