Sep 282008
Raw Pizza & Sustainable Living Roadshow
Our Raw Pizza is a hit. Little Lotus is eating her third piece and counting. Yesterday we soaked our wheat berries, then dehydrated our crusts over night. This moring we added herbs sundried tomtato sauce, cashew cheeze and veggies then

Sep 202008
This has been a wonderful day. I’ve spent most of it in the kitchen developing and experimenting. I am really loving Juliano’s book RAW. So many wonderful recipes that inspire my own creations. I’m perfecting my sprouted bread recipe. Each

Sep 172008
Little Lotus and I have just come through a transition. Transitions can be challenging even if they’re positive. I’ve just cut our weekly food budget by about 50% which I was a little concerned about. I’ve also had a hard

Sep 132008
It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Soul searching I suppose. Gaining clarity on what to do next with the projects I’ve started. Last week I felt very overwhelmed and this week it all makes sense. Order from chaos.