May 282009
Beautiful Days
We have had a wonderful couple of days. I feel great. Yesterday I skipped my green juice, but I’ve oil pulled for several days now. We’ve also worked out at the YMCA for several days in a row. I love

May 252009
Seeds Want To Grow
Little Lotus and my father planted several tomato seeds last week. They’ve just broke the surface of the soil today. Here she is with her tomato sprouts and her sunflower plant…
I am so excited about growing our garden… whenever

May 242009
Living Blissfully
Little Lotus and I have had a wonderful weekend preparing for the wedding. First thing Saturday, we took our recycling in.
Sometimes Little Lotus has a hard time letting go of small things like peices of paper and clothing tags.

May 062009
Today is another gorgeous rainy day. It feels so cozy inside when the weather is like this. We’ve just returned home from a playdate for Little Lotus, and we’re on our way to another one. I love the community we