Sep 142009
I did it! 1-2 Green Smoothies a day for a week. It was truly phenomenal. One days 4 and 5 I blended my fruit with celery. I did not like this as much as blending fruit with leafy greens. In

Sep 092009
Day 3 of Green Smoothie Chanllenge
This is Day 3 of my Green Smoothie Challenge. Since Monday I have challenged myself to drink 1-2 green smoothies a day in addition to my usual 90% raw lifestyle. The inspiration for this was Vicotria Boutenko’s video Greens Can

Sep 082009
Day 2 Green Smoothie Challenge
Wow!, I am in love with green smoothies. My Green Smoothie Challenge began yesterday. I am challenging myself to drink 1-2 green smoothies a day for a week. I am not fasting, only adding green smoothies to my 90% raw

Sep 072009
I’ve begun my Green Smoothie Challenge with some things I had in the fridge. This morning I’m drinking red chard, banana, and orange. It tastes really wonderful. I didn’t want to add agave nectar like I usually do, so I

Sep 062009
Today has been wonderful! At one point Little Lotus told me, "Mama, something new and exciting happens to me every day"! I felt so successful as a mother at that point.
Tomorrow morning I am beginning a one week Green

Sep 012009
Wedding Bliss, Honeymooning and Life
It’s been an amazing few months. Our wedding was beautiful. We had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony that included poetry, rieki, and a water ritual. We danced our booties of at the reception, and ate delicious raw food and scrumilicious raw