Sep 292011
In Memory of Max the Cat

My desk sits by a window that overlooks a small New England city and the river that runs through it. On days like this, grey and drizzling, I feel optimistic and full of promise. Overcast light makes the whole day…

Sep 282011
Single Parent, You Are Priceless
“Would you like to leave?” I asked my six-year old daughter.
“Noooo!” she wailed.

This is how the conversation began the day I remembered a valuable parenting lesson. I had packed my laptop and snacks and planned to let my

Sep 262011
Go Green in the Office: 10 Impactful Green Office Products

The Need to Go Green: Environmental Impact of US Offices
Commercial business is essential to the US economy, but standard office practices have a damaging environmental impact. According to the Clean Air Council, each year the average US office worker…

Sep 242011
Be Happy Now

What Does it Mean to Be Happy?
Happiness refers to a feeling of well being, contentment, satisfaction with life, and a state that allows a person to flourish. Being happy can range in intensity from general well being to blissful…