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how to increase personal powerEnvision yourself at your very best. Visualize yourself filled with personal power. Personal power is your ability to lead yourself freely. It is your innate capacity to be your authentic self and use your unique gifts in a way that brings you joy and life mastery. In this article we’ll explore how to increase personal power in four phenomenal ways.

How to Increase Personal Power: Four Life Changing Steps

Hone in on your life’s purpose and develop a personal mission statement. Just as a business or organization needs a mission statement to stay in line with their direction, you need a mission statement for your powerful life. Sit down and begin with the statement, “My life’s mission is to…,” then write whatever comes to mind. Keep writing until you feel you’ve captured exactly what it is you live for.

Focus your attention on your personal strengths, and find ways to accentuate them. Observe yourself and recognize the things you’re naturally good at. Recognize the abilities and talents you’ve gained from your experience. Pay close attention to these strengths and find ways to cultivate and nurture them. You may also pay attention to areas in which you still need to grow, but intentionally place most of your awareness on your positive attributes, strengths, and talents.

Increase your personal power by focusing on the benefits you’ll receive by doing so. Focusing on the benefits you’ll experience will boost your desire for personal power, and you’ll work very hard for things you greatly desire. Make a list of the many benefits you will receive by becoming your best. Your list may include items like the goals you see yourself achieving as your become your most powerful, or the level of physical fitness you plan to attain. List as many benefits as you can think of and place reminders of these benefits in places you will see often. In addition to your list, collect and make visual reminders like magazine clippings and vision boards. With powerful prompts like these around you, your desire for an increase in personal power will skyrocket.

Identify the many ways your increase in personal power will benefit others. The best kind of power, influence, and resource is the kind that benefits many. Be very clear that you desire to empower yourself in a way that adds to the collective good. You’ll feel great pursuing something that adds value to the world, and you’ll easily find other people willing to help a beneficial cause. One benefit to becoming your best is that you can then teach others how to increase personal power.

Now you know how to increase personal power in four effective ways: create a mission statement for your life, focus intently on your strengths, uncover your intense desire for personal power, and identify the many ways you can benefit humanity by becoming your best. You are a storehouse of value and power ready to realize even greater heights than ever before.

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