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what is massive action, massive action“Nothing happens until something moves”–Albert Einstein.

What Is Massive Action?

Massive action is the pursuit of  your goal with fervor and deliberate movements, and it puts you in a position to achieve massive results. In this article we’ll answer the question: What is massive action, and how can it change my life today? Read further to discover how to successfully apply massive action to your personal or business goals, five important tips for massive change, and one surefire secret weapon to boost you into massive action today.

How Can Massive Action Work for You Today?

Massive action is about applying concentrated, indomitable energy toward a specific purpose. Massive action requires thinking outside the box and approaching your goal in a way that no one has thought of. It requires bravely and swiftly moving toward your goal in large, deliberate steps. For instance, a freelance writer may send out two resumes each workday to publications they’d like to work for. However, a freelance writer using massive action may contact ten editors each workday including samples of their work and pitches for several stories that relate to the editors publication. Which writer do you think will see results more quickly?

In all honesty, there is nothing you can’t achieve. However, any success worth accomplishing includes obstacles to overcome. At times, the major challenge to surpass is a limiting state of mind. It may seem that a lack of resources or professional connections stand between you and your dream or goal. To one who uses massive action, “no” is not an acceptable answer, and there is a creative solution to any obstacle. Every obstacle is surmountable with determined action, an inspired vision, and refined planning.

While planning is important, the most influential aspect of massive action is, well, action. In 2008, self-made millionaire marketer Michael Masterson released his book Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat. In his groundbreaking book, Masterson encourages readers to take action steps toward their dreams without waiting for their plan or circumstances to be perfect. The guise of continuously tweaking a plan can cover up a habit of procrastination that will keep you from ever taking real steps. By taking authentic, massive action steps now toward your goals and dreams, you overcome inertia that can keep you right where you are instead of catapulting you to where you want to be. Remember, a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Five Powerful Tips for Massive Change

What is massive action? It’s something you can begin today, right now. The following five tips will help you apply this powerful principle.

1. Realize That Knowledge Is Power Only When It’s Coupled with Action
Knowledge is powerful, but many millionaires, entrepreneurs, and other successful people are not PhDs or highly educated. To be truly powerful, good information must be complemented with deliberate and massive action.

2. Have a Clear Vision of Your Destination
You can learn a lot by taking steps in various directions, but to truly make headway, you need to know where you are going and move in that direction. Formulate a clear vision of your goal, and it will be easier to determine what steps you need to take.

3. Evaluate and Fine Tune As You Go
One reason it’s important to take action is that it offers you an opportunity to observe the real world results of the steps you take. This information will allow you to evaluate your plan and refine it as you go.

4. Value and Manage Your Time
To take massive action toward the goal of your choice you must manage your valuable time. When you choose to do something worthwhile, there are many other things you choose not to do. Prioritize the things you spend your time on, and eliminate anything that is unworthy. This leaves more time for you to work on your goals.

5. Begin Today
Don’t wait for your circumstances, resources, talent, connections, etc. to be ideal. The ideal situation is like a unicorn— a lovely idea, but to this point there is no evidence to substantiate its existence. Without waiting for the perfect circumstances, start today to step courageously and intently toward your dreams and goals, and allow no obstacle to be so mountainous that it can’t be overcome.

Massive Action Boost: a Secret Weapon for Immediate Change

A body in motion tends to stay in motion; conversely, a body at rest tends to stay at rest. You may have become comfortable with your present way of doing things even if it doesn’t work for you or get you where you really want to go. This little exercise is a surefire way to free you from your comfort zone and boost you into massive action.

Choose one action step you will take toward your goal. This goal may be something as simple as organizing a junk drawer or something related to your business like cold calling potential clients. Schedule a concrete time to begin your task and allot a small window of time to work on it. For example, if I am employed as a restaurant host, but my passion is culinary arts, and I’d love to be a chef. I’ll plan to research culinary degree programs in my area at two o’clock today for ten minutes.

If I want to take it a step further, my next massive action boost will be to find a school that offers a program I’d like to take and schedule to visit the school for one hour tomorrow from noon to one o’clock. This simple tool will get you moving toward your dreams and goals in easy increments. Before you know it, you will take swift and regular steps in the direction of your most inspiring vision for your life.

The life you want is yours for the taking… and the making. What is massive action? It is your personalized vehicle to deliver you to the life you’ve always wanted, and you are in the driver’s seat.

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”–Anthony Robbins

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  1. Power Tip 3 & 5 , yes !!

  2. I’m enjoying your post on Massive Action. I’m in the process of posting a video about Massive Action and while doing a little research I found your blog.

  3. Great insights on taking charge of your life and changing it with determined action.I think that making an emphatic start and making your “Why” strong enough really guarantees that you will see the task through.Great article and Website.All the best with your dreams!

    • Thanks, Hassan, for your wonderful feedback! I love your suggestion to make your “Why” strong enough to inspire you to see your vision through to its completion. Wishing you unlimited success.

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