Feb 022012

Tea CollectionAt AsanteGeorge.com, I love to highlight companies who have built social awareness into their business practices. While on my search for ethical businesses, I stumbled across the Tea Collection website.

Tea Collection is a fashion design company founded by two fabulous female entrepreneurs in San Francisco, California, in 2002. According to their website,  Tea Collection’s mission is to, “…design distinctive fashion collections inspired by the beauty we discover in our travels around the world.” This goal is reflected in the company’s name which was born from the observation that tea is something nearly every culture has in common.

A quick browse of the Tea Collection website will uncover children’s clothing inspired by  destinations like Bali, West Africa, and Brazil; colorful girls pjs & sleepwear; and comfortable women’s clothing with the beautiful, global flair.

Besides the obvious expression of the beauty all cultures have to offer, I was impressed by the fact that Tea Collection strives to be a socially responsible company. Part of their effort in reaching this goal has been to partner with nonprofit organization Global Fund for Children on their mission to advance the dignity of children and youth around the world. Since 1997 Global Fund for Children has awarded more than $17 million in grants to 397 community-based organizations in 75 different countries.

Supporting companies that are concerned with more than their bottom line is important, because it shows corporations that their values and ethics matter to consumers. Companies that strive to be socially responsible also provide a great example for up-and-coming entrepreneurs; they show that a business can make a profit and make a positive difference at the same time.

Photo courtesy of TeaCollection.com 

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