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vegetables that are high in ironEssential Iron

Iron is an essential mineral for optimal health because it enables hemoglobin to carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Iron deficiency, or anemia, will cause:

–Lack of appetite

Here is a list of 10 vegetables that are high in iron. Get your iron on, and boost your energy!

10 Vegetables that are High in Iron:

Sun-Dried Tomatoes 1 Cup 5mg 27% DV
Fresh Parsley 1 Cup 4mg 21% DV
Olives 1 Large Olive 0.1mg 1% DV
Lentil Sprouts 1 Cup 2.5mg 14% DV
Swiss Chard (raw) 1 Cup 4mg 22% DV
Asparagus (raw) 1 Cup 2.9mg 16% DV
Dandelion Greens (raw) 1 Cup 1.7mg 10% DV
Garlic (Raw) 3 Cloves 0.2mg 1% DV
Kale (Raw) 1 Cup 1.1mg 6% DV
Sauerkraut 1 Cup 3.5mg 19% DV


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  1. Great list! A cup of raw beets will also provide 6% daily value of iron. And beets go great in green/apple juice.

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