Sep 262012
Planting Neighborliness

We’re really beginning to like our new neighborhood, the place in which we’re building our city homestead. Although the area needs a lot of TLC, some of our neighbors are really nice, and our little house is conveniently located.

Sep 232012
Green City Chronicles Episode 5: Off-Grid Lighting

Although we don’t yet live at our little homestead, we like to hangout there after dark. In this video, we explore our off-grid lighting solutions.

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Sep 122012
Sewing Good Seeds at Our City Homestead

Things at our little homestead in the city are going beautifully. Although we don’t yet live in our house, we spend every day there cleaning, arranging, planning, and daydreaming. At times the task we’ve chosen seems daunting, but working on…

Sep 102012
Green City Chronicles Episode 3

Episode three of our web series ‘Green City Chronicles’ is here! In this episode, take a tour of the 97-year-old shotgun house we’re turning into a city homestead.

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