Oct 312012
October Sponsor Shout-Out!

It’s Halloween! Little Lotus and I love Halloween. We’ve taken a break from our festivities to write our sponsor shout-out for October.
Little Lotus studied her geometry lessons extra hard yesterday so that she could take the day off today.…

Oct 162012
Green City Chronicles Episode 6: A Day of Homeschool

Tag along with Little Lotus and I for a day of homeschool at the Jacksonville Main Public Library.

Our city homestead project is sponsored by MedKeka. Visit them online at www.MedKeka.com. Support our urban homestead with a purchase from our…

Oct 112012
The Making of Me

“What do I do for a living? I live for a living.”—Peter Kerena,
This Way of Life Documentary
The Shelter of a City Oasis
Spending time at our house has been really wonderful. It’s funny how a little house in…

Oct 062012
Camping Out at Our City Homestead

We’ve spent two nights at our city homestead. Tonight will be our third night. It’s been wonderful!
Because our house is still in a really rough state, we are basically camping indoors. Our camping trip is complete with air mattress,…

Oct 012012
September Sponsor Shout-Out

September was an amazing month at AsanteGeorge.com. In September we published a number of episodes of our web series ‘Green City Chronicles’ and had the pleasure to share the triumphs and challenges at our city homestead. I’d like to take…