Nov 262012
An Amazing Thanksgiving

Holiday Travel
Little Lotus and I had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving. We drove to Atlanta, Georgia to spend time with friends and renew ourselves after months of working on our little house.
Dekalb Farmer’s Market
While preparing for our…

Nov 172012
The End of a Season at Our City Homestead

Settling Down For the Winter
Progress is slow at our city homestead. The cold weather is upon us, and our inspiration to work on our house is dwindling. Instead of wielding a hammer or screwdriver, we’re busy  making our holiday…

Nov 052012
Discouraged, But Not For Long

I would be remiss in my reporting of our city homestead project if I did not admit the hard times. I have found myself a little discouraged, doubtful, and stuck over the last week. However, even though I feel a…