Dec 202012

homestead in the cityWhile working on our homestead in the city over the past few months, Little Lotus and I needed a natural and effective all purpose cleaner with which to tackle the various cleaning projects our house required. I contacted the folks at Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and asked them to send us a sample of their Lavender All Purpose Cleaner.

When our lavender cleaner arrived, along with a bottle of Mandarin Vetiver Laundry Detergent from their sister company Caldrea, the delightful aroma greeted me before I even opened the shipping box.

I enjoyed using Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender All Purpose Cleaner for everything from washing walls to mopping floors. I added a few cap fulls of Mrs. Meyer’s to a spray bottle of water for light cleaning jobs. For heavy duty tasks, I mixed the cleaner with less water and mixed in hydrogen peroxide to add a disinfect quality.

Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender All Purpose Cleaner is a versatile cleanser that left our fixer-upper house smelling fresh and relaxing like sweet lavender, and it fits the mission of our sustainable home perfectly since it’s earth-friendly and biodegradable.

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