Jan 312013
January Sponsor Shout-Out

January has offered a promising beginning of 2013. Little Lotus and I have made great strides at our homestead in the city, and we’re making plans to begin our organic microfarm.
The support of our sponsors helps make our endeavors…

Jan 252013
Eco-Friendly Practices: Energy Conservation

What is Eco-Friendliness?
Many products claim to be green or eco-friendly, but some may not actually meet the standards of an eco-friendly product. Knowing the true meaning of the term “eco-friendly” helps companies and communities practice this essential concept.

Jan 242013
Renewed Focus at Our Homestead in the City

A Renewed Vision at Our City Homestead
Little Lotus and I have returned to work on our city homestead with renewed focus and enthusiasm. Taking time off to explore other interests and visit loved ones helped to renew our spirits,…

Jan 162013
Asbestos Testing at Our Homestead in the City

Testing the Plaster at Our Homestead in the City
On Friday, I took a sample of the plaster from our 97-year-old house into a lab to be tested for asbestos. My father brought to my attention that the plaster in…

Jan 112013
Peeling the Layers of My Heart's Desire

The Layers of My Heart’s Desire
“What do I really want?” This is a question I ask myself regularly. I am of the belief that we can each create the life of our dreams if we are only clear about…

Jan 092013
A Glimpse of Life From Above

Picture This
The image that accompanies this post features one of my closest friends, Saleem, and I. We were heading out for a taste of New Orleans nightlife in his convertible International Scout pictured in the background.
Reclaiming Me