Jan 092013

Saleem and IPicture This

The image that accompanies this post features one of my closest friends, Saleem, and I. We were heading out for a taste of New Orleans nightlife in his convertible International Scout pictured in the background.

Reclaiming Me

What a thrill it was to ride under the bridges of New Orleans, on the ferry that transports passengers across the Mississippi river, and through the French Quarter with my hair blowing the in the wind. “Put your arm on top of the door like this; you’ll look cool,” Saleem advised.

Going out with one of my favorite people to places that are not family friendly, dressing up in sexy clothing, dancing all night, these are all parts of me that I have begun to reclaim lately, and I love it.

The Early Story

Early on in my role as mom, much of my support system scattered to the wind. I came to terms with the fact that I was raising my daughter on my own, and there was very little opportunity for alone time or grown up time. I accepted this as reality and adjusted my life to accommodate  my new world. My high heels were replaced with practical (yet cute) shoes, my club clothes were turned in for yoga pants, and every aspect of my life became child friendly.

As my  child grows and my world expands, I am able to reclaim facets of myself that have been dormant. I can’t say it’s easy, parts of me are going into this change kicking and screaming. My expectations of myself and others and my vision for my life are expanding, shifting. Parts of this shift are unknown and scary, but my life is changing rapidly and beautifully. As I take an aerial view of my life, it is morphing into the life I’ve always wanted.

And You?

What exhilarating and scary shifts are you experiencing as we begin a new year? What crucial aspects of you have you sacrificed that it is time to resurrect? What does your life look like from above?

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