Jan 242013

homestead in the cityA Renewed Vision at Our City Homestead

Little Lotus and I have returned to work on our city homestead with renewed focus and enthusiasm. Taking time off to explore other interests and visit loved ones helped to renew our spirits, and it helped us remember why we are working on this project: to give ourselves a secure and comfortable environment in which to bloom.

Recent Major Accomplishments

Over the last two weeks we’ve taken two major tasks off of our to-do list. We took a sample of our plaster to a lab to have it tested for asbestos, and we had a huge limb removed from the roof of our house.

Our asbestos test came back with good news which means we can move forward with our plans to patch the plaster covering our walls. The removal of the large limb from our roof was also successful. Our roof suffered no damage from the large branch that fell on it sat there for over a year…amazing.  If the old tin roof of our house is the original roof, it’s almost 100-years-old, and it survived an assault by a heavy tree limb without a dent.

Restructuring Our Work Schedule

Our vacation also helped to bring some balance to our work schedule. We take the mornings to take care of personal business like working out and homeschool studies, and we work at our house from 1pm-5pm. It’s amazing how much we are able to accomplish each day in just a few short hours. Also, knowing that our workday has a definite end allows us to focus and put our all into the task at hand.

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