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free solar training in floridaStumbling Across Free Solar Training in Florida

While waiting in a neighborhood laundromat for our clothes to dry, Little Lotus and I met a wonderful woman who would become a dear friend. I don’t remember how our conversation began, but we quickly began to talk about the large number of homeless people in Jacksonville.

While we were on the subject of housing, I told our new acquaintance about our homestead project and some of the circumstances that inspired it.

As we talked about green living and the need for sustainable solutions to urban challenges, our new friend told me of a solar certification program that her son had attended…for free. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to stay in touch.

Community Rehabilitation Center and CRC Institute

In a later phone conversation our friend discussed the free solar training in greater detail. She said it was offered by an organization called CRC. A quick Google search turned up the Community Rehabilitation Center and their school CRC Institute which offers solar technician and green building certification courses for Florida residents whose meager income or life circumstances qualify them.

I called CRC to find out how to enroll in the solar certification program, and I was told I’d need to go to the office to fill out enrollment paperwork and schedule to take my first round of tests which would take three hours. Upon passing my first round of tests, my second set of tests would be scheduled.

I have since taken my first round of tests, and I am waiting to take my second set. The course is a two month intensive course that meets Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3:30 pm.

From my understanding, graduates of the CRC Institute Solar Technician Program receive a toolbox that contains everything they’ll need as an entry level solar technician, and they can participate in job placement through CRC Institute.

Making it Work

As a homesteading single mom with a homeschooling seven year old, I’ll need to prepare very well to have the time to concentrate on this course, but it seems too good to pass up.

Photo by Jbolhuis

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