Mar 192013

homestead in the cityThings are progressing beautifully at our homestead in the city. By embarking on this project and sticking to it, other opportunities have started to come our way.

Although opportunities are a good thing, they often require that we step out of our comfort zone and stretch ourselves. There are times when I wonder: Will I have what it takes to make this idea work? What will happen if I fail?

After observing my thoughts in the face of positive changes, I realized that  I needed to boost my self-confidence. As a devoted believer in affirmations I decided to begin my day with a brisk walk while listening to powerful positive statements on my smart phone.

While searching for affirmations to listen to, I stumbled across the following video by David McGraw The recording is clear and his affirmations are very effective. If you watch David’s video, let me know what you think.

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Image by Hodero

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