May 072013

Sponsor Shout-OutApril was a life changing month for Little Lotus and I in so many ways. We experienced several major shifts and changes that have impacted our lives greatly. So far, May has shown us the meaning of the good and the not so good that April had to offer.

In April we participated in the first annual One Spark festival in our city Jacksonville, FL. We also found that we had tragically lost a dear family member as we came down from the high that we experienced at One Spark.

Both of these events have given us pause to reflect on our lives and how to best spend our precious time. As things level back out, we are able to take what we’ve learned and apply it to the creation of our city homestead.

The purpose of this post is not simply to update you, dear reader, on the going-ons of our experience, it is also to let you know about the amazing businesses that sponsor this site, and our city homestead. I am very selective about the businesses that I choose as sponsors of, and the three that I am about to tell you about have become much more than businesses relations.

Our primary sponsor is Little Lotus uses the online homeschool curriculum offered at Time4Learning to complete her third grade academic studies. Over the last month, as we’ve dealt with the changes and challenges that have come our way, I’ve been thankful that Little Lotus has a flexible curriculum that allows us to take time off and rearrange our schedule as needed. If you’d like to sample this wonderful service, visit

Our next two advertisers sponsor our city homestead project which means I get to tell people about their wonderful products each week. They are also featured at the end of each episode of our web series Green City Chronicles. has sponsored our city homestead from the very beginning of our project last year. We’ve been honored to let our readers know about their affordable, high-quality eyeglasses. I am particularly proud to let you know about this wonderful small business because we just happen to be related to the owners…brilliance runs in our family.

My newest sponsor is the inventor of a product that Little Lotus and I love to let people know about…the Phytopod! became an sponsor at the beginning of this year, and we have enjoyed getting the word out about this amazing product.

During our exhibit at One Spark, we showed visitors to our booth how to plant this urban friendly vertical garden. Little Lotus really shined as she told crowds of attendees what she knows about the Phytopod and its inventor Eluem Blyden. I was thoroughly impressed as were all who listened to her. I was particularly thankful for our connection with as the founder and inventor, Dr. Blyden, checked in with us from time to time over the last few weeks because he knew we were experiencing major changes.

As we continue to work on our city homestead and explore sustainability, I look forward to promoting these companies that keep social consciousness and humanity in business.

Visit my sponsors!

Picture by Krappweis

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