Oct 302013
Taking The Mess in Stride

Okay, my house is a crazy horrendous mess right now. Between the mess of daily living, construction debris, and salvaged materials, my house is a crazy mess a lot of the time. Because I understand what we are doing with…

Oct 252013
Choppin' Wood...Again

I’m learning how to chop wood…again. When my brothers and I were children, our grandpa (our mom’s father) taught us all to chop wood. In fact, he would take us into the woods with him to fell a tree.

Oct 242013
An Old Wood Stove and Other Stuff

We’re back! So much has happened at our little yellow homestead in the city, and I can’t wait to catch you up on the going-ons. Although we took a much needed break from blogging, the work and progress at our…