Sep 232014

Mowing our yard the old-fashioned way

My goal to build a city homestead for my daughter and I requires a lot of hard work. Whether it’s problem solving, figuring out how to build a system, or carrying out the physical work of homesteading (which, by the way, requires mental focus), my brain and body are almost always at work.

Since embarking on this project, I’ve come to understand the “Nutty Professor” character. In everyday conversation I may appear scatter brained, because my mind is usually occupied with big things like reclaiming construction materials and building a solar system. I am not an airhead, but my brain and body are usually stretched to the limit.


I'm always thinking, creating, envisioning.

I have discovered, through this project, the need for mental space. In order to brain storm and think, I’ve had to set boundaries with my daughter that we’ve never had before. It can be hard for her that I am not ever-available, but my hope is that it will help her become a little more self sufficient and patient. We are both growing.

Photos by Little Lotus

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