Oct 022014


Right now I’m watching an eye-opening documentary called Tent City USA on Netflix. Here is the Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/TentCityUsa.

I haven’t finished watching the movie yet, but it has moved me so much that I had to share the experience with my readers.

The film tells the story of a large group of homeless people and how they created a community of temporary shelters called “Tent City” in Nashville, TN.

With the help of two committed local pastors, the residents of Tent City built a safe, stable community in which to reclaim their lives.

This moving documentary follows Tent City residents as they are forced off of the land they are squatting on. It also documents their efforts to improve the lives of other homeless people in Nashville.

Tent City USA is a beautiful film. It reminds me of the strength and resilience of the human spirit, and it makes me thankful for the four walls I can call my own.

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