Oct 162014


It’s almost 6 am, and I’ve been up for about an hour working in my yard. The moon is still out, and the day is full of promise and potential. My little one, sensing that I am no longer in bed, has found her way to the front porch to join me.

I’m getting my mojo, my inspiration, back.

The realities that we have been facing, both in our lives and in our neighborhood, have given me the blues for a while. But this morning I woke up renewed and excited to continue work on my most functional piece of art to date: our little home.

Homes, especially homesteads, are living things; they need an inhabitant’s involvement, love, warmth to function properly.

I am reclaiming the inner peace and joy that allows me to connect with my home, my extension, in a way that allows her to live, breathe, and evolve.

Image by code1blue

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