Dec 092014


Wild moon woman
You were not made to be tame.
You are an earthquake
Shaking loose
Everything that is not soul.
Shake, woman, shake.
–Alyse Morgan

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of blogger who bares her soul and truest journey with her readers.

When I began blogging I was in an amazing space in my life, and sharing my experiences and inner thoughts was easy. I was coming out of a period that I often refer to as “my initiation” (more on that later), and things were looking up for me.

I had lived in Oakland, California for nearly a decade, but a dramatic eruption in my life inspired me to look for sanctuary in a new place. I moved to my father’s home in Tennessee where I intended to lick my wounds and begin again.

I had a small daughter that I was now raising on my own, and I wanted to make our lives amazing. I also knew that what we’d been through, although traumatic, was extraordinary, and I wanted to share our healing journey with as many people as possible. To that end I wrote my first book about raw food, outlined another book about overcoming adversity, created an online magazine about positivity, became certified as a raw food chef, and began teaching raw food workshops.

I wanted to share myself with the world, but I didn’t know that my healing journey had really just begun.

Over the next few years the circumstances in my life became very dysfunctional. I didn’t know how to teach workshops on wellness when I felt so emotionally unhealthy. I didn’t know how to share my authentic journey with my readers when I felt like such a mess.

From those powerful experiences I’ve come to understand two essential things:
-A mess can be a healing thing that teaches and purges.
-Sometimes life falls apart in order to come back together better and more fulfilling.

My goal, dear readers, is to open up and be present with this blog. I intend to share the high and lows of my journey thus far with you, and share with you what I’ve learned.

I still feel like a beautiful mess, but perhaps that’s life: falling apart and coming back together until we’ve pealed our extra layers and shed everything that is not soul.

Image by Flaivoloka

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  2 Responses to “Everything That is Not Soul”

  1. Beautiful post! I’ve been following your blogs for many years now and you have been such an inspiration to me on many levels. Your transparency about your healing journey has helped me with my own. And you’re absolutely right, there’s beauty in the mess but if you look closely, it’s all connected, it’s all necessary, and it’s all beautiful.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story 🙂

    • C. Chaney, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your beautiful comment. Through blogging I’ve learned to be more transparent, honest, and authentic, and my biggest hope is that my healing journey can inspire another person’s journey.

      You have inspired me today…thank you

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