Jun 302015


They’re here! Last week Little Lotus (who now prefers the name Evangelyne, Eavi for short) and I ordered a Nature’s Head composting toilet www.natureshead.net. We also ordered a 400 watt premium solar array from Renogy www.Renogy.com.

We ordered the premium 400 watt kit from Renogy because we can add it to the 100 watt panel that we already have, and the charge controller has the capacity to handle 3 more 100 watt panels for a total of 800 watts. (Read my last post to learn why we chose to purchase a Nature’s Head toilet.)

It’s a great day at our little homestead in the city. We’ll let you know how we like our new additions.

Tags: natures head, composting toilet, homestead in the city, city homestead, renogy solar, Asante George

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