Aug 192015


The picture accompanying this post features the newest solar addition to our homestead. It’s a 400 watt premium monocrystalline kit from Renogy Solar. We’ve had it for several weeks now.

I haven’t mounted our new panels on our roof yet, so each day I prop them against the west side of our house to charge our 12 volt sealed lead-acid batteries. This morning I’m up early, and our panels are catching the first rays of morning sun.

I have our solar panels to thank for my burst of morning energy. Because we are collecting more power, I’ve been able to run our juicer for the last several days. Yesterday I drank cup after cup of organic kale and apple juice. As a result, at 4:30 this morning I was ready to roll out of bed.

I suppose you could say I’m solar charged!

Photo by Asante George

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  1. Hey Asante Just wanted to leave you a comment. Great job on your homestead I enjoy your post…

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