Aug 202015


Today I began constructing raised beds for the area between the street and the sidewalk in front of my house. I plan to fill them with really good soil and plant organic veggies and fruit for folks in my neighborhood to pick.

A couple of days ago I measured the area that I want to cover with raised beds, then I went to Lowes and purchased several untreated 2x6s and had them cut to the lengths I needed. The cost for my lumber was around $30


As I was laying the lumber out to envision the frames, one of my neighbors riding by on a bicycle suggested that I position the lumber against the curb (like the picture illustrates) in order to make driving the nails easier. It was a great suggestion. I still struggled a bit, but his tip helped a lot.

My 10-year-old little one (who has chosen the name Marley) also helped a lot. After I started some of the nails, Marley drove them all the way into the wood like a pro.

As I was working, two young ladies walked by, and one of them asked me where my man was and why he wasn’t doing the work for me. I get that question a lot, and there is so much about it that I find disturbingly humorous, but I will leave my response at this: I love being a lady homesteader/builder/farmer, and even if I had a mate, I’d still swing a hammer!

Photos by Asante George

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