Nov 192015


Buying Supplies With a Plan in Mind
A few weeks ago I purchased several 2x4s and some hanging pocket shoe organizers. My plan was to transform our fence into a privacy fence by adding a hanging vertical garden.

Time to Put My Supplies to Use
Since it’s almost time to plant kale where I live in northern Florida, I decided that it was time to put my supplies to work and build my vertical garden.

Building a Frame
The first picture accompanying this post shows the frame I added to my existing fence in order to (hopefully) make it strong enough to hold my vertical garden.

Below is a picture of the hanging pocket shoe organizers that will become my planters.


Supplies and Tools for the Job
The existing fence was roll out fencing attached to fence posts. The frame attachment was pretty easy to build. The tools and supplies I used were:
hand saw
tape measure
pocket  shoe organizers

Soon We’ll Have a Beautiful, Food Producing Privacy Fence
My next steps are to fill the pockets with soil and compost and plant my kale seeds.

The privacy that our fence now provides has made our backyard more of a sanctuary, and soon our hanging vertical garden will provide food and lush beauty as well.

Photos by Asante George

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  2 Responses to “Transforming Our Fence With A Hanging Vertical Garden”

  1. This is a really interesting garden idea! Do you need to have the open frame for air to reach the back of the hanging planters? Or could I just hang this on my existing fence? I would love this idea but I don’t want to tear anything down.

    • Hi Jenn, this is the first time I’ve attempted to garden in hanging planters, but I assume that a bit of room for ventilation behind the planters is necessary to avoid rot. If I was going to hang a planter like this on a solid fence, I’d probably use hangers that would allow the back of the planter to breath. Thank you for visiting!

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