Nov 212015


I’m resting after a rewarding day of work at our little homestead in the city. Things are getting easier and more comfortable around here.

When we began work on our off-grid house, I never thought I’d see the day when I could say that. Everything that we needed required so much concentration and  manual labor. After three and a half years, things have become much easier.

Today, I was able to clean our little house from one end to the other. Most of our belongings now have an organized place to go. I no longer have to haul water in for washing up, and we’ve gathered equipment like solar panels and a low maintenance composting toilet that make my job so much easier.

We’ve developed simple ways to meet all of our needs at our small yellow house. Things like washing laundry, taking showers, storing and preparing food, lighting our house at night, and staying warm used to take so much time and effort to accomplish. Through lots (and lots) of trial and error, we’ve developed simple ways to meet our needs.

Building an urban homestead with my little one has given me so much confidence in my abilities. I now know that if I’m passionate about something, and I stick with it, things will get easier with time, and I’ll learn everything I need to know along the way.

Photo by Asante George
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