Nov 272015

Rainy Weather Work at Our Homestead in the City


The weather was overcast and rainy several days this week, so instead of working in our yard as planned, I took the opportunity to begin to repair the walls at our city homestead.

Lath in Need of Plaster


There are a few spots on the walls and ceiling of our almost-off-grid urban house where the plaster has fallen off of the wood lath. I have toyed with the idea of using earthen plaster, but I decided that a patch job using plaster of Paris would be the simplest way to go.

Gathering My Supplies


I gathered my plastering supplies:
-1 carton of plaster of Paris.
-Plastic hardware spatula.
-Mixing bowl cut from the bottom of a water bottle.
-Safety goggles.
-Face mask.
-Cup of water.
-Flattened cardboard box to protect the floor under my work area.

Lessons Learned From Plaster of Paris
I patched small and large holes in order to prepare our walls for paint. This was my first time using plaster of Paris, and I was amazed by how quickly it hardens. I caught on quickly though and learned to mix tiny batches that I could use up within 5 minutes.

The Transformative Power of Paint


After patching holes in the walls, I began to paint with a VOC-free ultra white paint and primer combination. The results were amazing! Our dingy walls began to sparkle.

I Tackle Large Projects One Baby Step at a Time
Since wet paint is difficult to navigate in a home with a child and two dogs, I’m painting only a portion of the wall each day.

I tackle most major projects in baby steps. By using this approach, I’m able to maintain my daily homesteading (and mommy-ing) work in addition to working on a large project.

Photos by Asante George
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