Jan 272016

Gunshots Near Our Front Yard

About a week ago, gunshots were fired near the front yard of our urban homestead. No one was hit, but one bullet entered our neighbor’s bedroom, and another hit a different neighbor’s car.

My 10-year-old and I had been busy turning our minivan into a camper, and we were in our driveway the night that the shots were fired.

It was extremely scarey, and we were shaken up for days. As a parent, I was devestated that my little one was exposed to something so dangerous.

That experience was a wake up call for me. It made me examine the way that I felt about working on our city homestead.

I realized that I’ve learned a lot and made great connections with wonderful neighbors, but I also felt the effects of the stress of living in a neighborhood like ours. I felt uninspired and depleated.

On The Road For Healing and Inspiration

So my little one and I have embarked on a healing journey. We want to release the stress we’ve accumulated and find the next part of our journey. Serendipitously, we’ve been converting our minivan into a little camper so we’re equipped for our journey, even though we don’t know exactly where we are going.



Healing With Nature

Right now we are parked at a nature preserve listening to the wind and the rustle of leaves. I feel myself becoming whole again, and I see my child becoming filled with peace again.

We found this beautiful spot by chance. As I was driving down the interstate, my inner voice told me to exit. When we did, I saw signage directing us to a nature preserve some miles away. I was beginning to doubt myself and feel pretty lost when we came upon a sign for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Retreat and Spirituality Center.


Stumbling upon a place off the beaten path called Our Lady of Perpetual Help made me feel like we were going in the right direction. We were invited to take a peaceful drive around the campus.


So far, we’ve camped in a national forest and stealth camped at a couple of rest stops. We have a loose plan that is based on following our joy and peace of mind.

Photos by Asante George

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  4 Responses to “Gunshots Fired Near Our City Homestead Lead to A Healing Journey”

  1. Great story!

  2. Hello there! This is your camp neighbor checking out your website-its gorgeous! So glad our journeys have crossed. Getting away to regroup is one of the most healing things a human can do. It seems to have become a lost art, and people seeking to get away are accused of running away. Not so! A change of environment kick-starts a depleted nervous system and allows the over-worn parts of our brain to have a rest while we re-engage less used skills. And getting away can be a trip that covers geographical miles, or sometimes when that isn’t possible we can still “get away” by intentionally changing our own environment: turning off the phone (!), changing the lighting, releasing lovely aromas we usually save for a “special event”, putting on whatever music inspires us, cooking something we’ve never eaten before, and considering ourselves virtually “gone” for however long it takes to recharge. Peace and love!

    • Hi Christine! I couldn’t agree with you more. Getting away literally reset my spirit. I feel more centered and better able to navigate life.

      It was so great being camp neighbors with you. I know we’ll have a chance to do it again in the near future.

      Blissful travels to you, my friend:)

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