Jul 022014
When Is An Orange Not An Orange?

I’ve been looking for ways to affordably stock our food pantry. Instead of grains, beans, pastas…standard pantry items, I fill ours with produce that has a long shelf life like apples, oranges, and various potatoes. I figured that buying conventional…

Jun 202014
Our First Muskmelon

Here is a picture of our first fuzzy baby Muskegon. Isn’t it cute?
It’s dusk, and Little Lotus and I are sitting out in our front yard. She is collecting snails from our garden. She’ll observe them for a day,…

Jun 162014
My Trusty Low-Tech Mower

This is my trusty low-tech lawn mower. When I went to purchase it, the salesman asked me doubtingly if I was sure that this was the mower I wanted. With a smile, I assured him that I’d done my homework;…

Jun 152014
Adventurous, Earthy Girrrrrls!

Little Lotus had a friend over for dinner and playing.

They played with bricks, caught snails, and took a wagon ride.

I think they are the very best kind of girls: adventurous and earthy!…

Jun 142014
We Won, We Won!

Yesterday, Little Lotus and I were notified by one of our favorite stores, Grassroots Market, that we won a drawing for a handcrafted heavy duty wagon from Woodstock Food Company.
Here is a snapshot of Grassroots.

And here is a…

Jun 142014
Quick Neighborhood Cleanup

I like to pick up the litter on my street regularly. It’s something quick and simple that I can do to increase the positive energy on my block.
My goal is to show by example that the streets in our…

Jun 122014
Testing Testing 1 2 3

I’ve decided to start blogging from my smartphone. Since installing our small solar system (more on that later), I can keep our devices charged. My phone is also my most reliable source of Internet. So here is my first mini-post…