Nov 272015
My Cozy Morning Porch

My front porch is extra cozy this morning, so I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of it to share.
I had a face cord of firewood (1/2 of a cord, 250-300 pieces of wood) delivered to our city homestead a…

Jul 062015
Volunteer Tomatoes and Potatoes!

While hanging out our laundry this evening, a splash of red under our banana tree caught my eye…a tomato!
Some time ago, I added kitchen scraps and compost to the base of the fruit trees in our backyard. Some of…

Dec 092014
Everything That is Not Soul

Wild moon woman
You were not made to be tame.
You are an earthquake
Shaking loose
Everything that is not soul.
Shake, woman, shake.
–Alyse Morgan

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of blogger who bares her soul and…

Oct 162014
Twinkies and The Age of Health Food Kids

As I watched a small Toyota van drive by our street, I commented to my daughter, “I love those vans. They’re so small and compact. They look like Twinkies.”
To this, my 9-year-old daughter replied in a disgusted tone, “I…

Oct 162014
My Morning Mojo

It’s almost 6 am, and I’ve been up for about an hour working in my yard. The moon is still out, and the day is full of promise and potential. My little one, sensing that I am no longer in…

Oct 022014
Tent City USA: A Moving Documentary

Right now I’m watching an eye-opening documentary called Tent City USA on Netflix. Here is the Facebook page
I haven’t finished watching the movie yet, but it has moved me so much that I had to share the experience…