Jun 182014
Urban Blight: Blight Of The Spirit

The house in the picture is across the street from our homestead. The yard is often overgrown, and the backyard is littered with garbage.
Last week I saw a beautiful and drunk young woman in a very short skirt go…

Jun 122014
Testing Testing 1 2 3

I’ve decided to start blogging from my smartphone. Since installing our small solar system (more on that later), I can keep our devices charged. My phone is also my most reliable source of Internet. So here is my first mini-post…

May 312013
The Wisdom of The Wind Chime

Things are going beautifully at our little homestead in the city. Little Lotus and I are finding our balance after the challenges we faced over the last few weeks, and blessings are beginning to emerge from the hurdles we have…

Apr 142013
Lessons From The Homestead

At times I am called upon to revisit my purpose for creating our homestead in the city. My reasons were simply these:
1. To create a comfortable place to raise my daughter that filled our needs for shelter and fresh…

Jan 112013
Peeling the Layers of My Heart's Desire

The Layers of My Heart’s Desire
“What do I really want?” This is a question I ask myself regularly. I am of the belief that we can each create the life of our dreams if we are only clear about…

Jan 092013
A Glimpse of Life From Above

Picture This
The image that accompanies this post features one of my closest friends, Saleem, and I. We were heading out for a taste of New Orleans nightlife in his convertible International Scout pictured in the background.
Reclaiming Me

Nov 262012
An Amazing Thanksgiving

Holiday Travel
Little Lotus and I had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving. We drove to Atlanta, Georgia to spend time with friends and renew ourselves after months of working on our little house.
Dekalb Farmer’s Market
While preparing for our…