Jun 182014
Gunshots In The Neighborhood

We heard several rounds of gunshots when we came home tonight. Little Lotus was really scared. She said that trying to make a difference feels dangerous to her.
I have to admit, it is scary. There have been more gunshots…

Jun 162014
A Fence Patch: Temporary Prevention

People use the hole in this fence as a path. Some of the foot traffic is looking for a secluded place for illegal activity  or to use the bathroom.
I try to patch the hole in the fence when someone…

Jun 162014
My Trusty Low-Tech Mower

This is my trusty low-tech lawn mower. When I went to purchase it, the salesman asked me doubtingly if I was sure that this was the mower I wanted. With a smile, I assured him that I’d done my homework;…

Jun 152014
Adventurous, Earthy Girrrrrls!

Little Lotus had a friend over for dinner and playing.

They played with bricks, caught snails, and took a wagon ride.

I think they are the very best kind of girls: adventurous and earthy!…

Jun 142014
We Won, We Won!

Yesterday, Little Lotus and I were notified by one of our favorite stores, Grassroots Market, that we won a drawing for a handcrafted heavy duty wagon from Woodstock Food Company.
Here is a snapshot of Grassroots.

And here is a…

Jun 142014
Quick Neighborhood Cleanup

I like to pick up the litter on my street regularly. It’s something quick and simple that I can do to increase the positive energy on my block.
My goal is to show by example that the streets in our…

Oct 302013
Taking The Mess in Stride

Okay, my house is a crazy horrendous mess right now. Between the mess of daily living, construction debris, and salvaged materials, my house is a crazy mess a lot of the time. Because I understand what we are doing with…