Jun 252015
We've  Just Ordered Our Nature's Head Composting Toilet

After much thought, I’ve ordered the compost toilet for our city homestead. I picked a Nature’s Head composting toilet because it’s:
-very close to self-contained
-simple to install
-requires very little electricity
-and comes with awesome customer service.

Dec 092014
Everything That is Not Soul

Wild moon woman
You were not made to be tame.
You are an earthquake
Shaking loose
Everything that is not soul.
Shake, woman, shake.
–Alyse Morgan

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of blogger who bares her soul and…

Dec 052014
Nutmeg the Minivan's First Roadtrip

We’ve been offline for a while, and I have so much to catch you all up on!
A couple of weeks ago, Little Lotus and I bought a minivan. We considered buying a small rv, but we opted for a…

Oct 282014
Cut Grass - A Free Neighborhood Resource

As we’ve worked in our city homestead, I’ve begun to understand how abundant our resources are when we value them, organize them, and use them correctly. I am now convinced that there are enough natural resources for everyone on the…

Oct 182014
Waste or Resource? It's All In Where You Put Things

The picture accompanying this post features 3 items that are often treated as waste: grass trimmings, twigs, logs and large tree trimmings. However, when these resources are used effectively, they become valuable homestead resources.
1. Dried Grass Clippings are used…