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Love Positivity Print

Love Positivity Print

About the Painting Featured in This Print

My Love painting depicts a voluptuous and colorful heart encased in gold and endowed with wings. This painting symbolizes the freedom and fullness of love. It is intended to inspire an approach to love that is both lighthearted and open. The purple background of this painting represents the the crown chakra or seventh chakra which is the seat of higher consciousness. As the backdrop of this painting, purple represents a higher consciousness that makes openhearted and uplifting love possible.

About Positive Thought

Your positive thoughts are a powerful force in your life! They shape how you see the world, how you do things, and how you interact with those around you. Maintaining your positive thoughts is even easier when you have visual reminders around you that prompt you to maintain your positive vibe.

About Positivity Prints

I developed my line of Positivity Prints to serve as a vibrant reminder for you. Hang them around your home or office, and let them work their magic. My Positivity Prints will lift your mood at a glance and keep you smiling.

Positivity Prints are not just powerfully joyful, they are also eco-friendly. Printed on sturdy and textured card stock made from banana leaves, they will increase your joy in an environmentally friendly way.  Love Positivity Print measures approximately 8" x 11".

Purchase Positivity Prints today and fill your space with an uplifting vibe.


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